Kansas Jayhawks Bottle Opener iPhone 4 Cover – Black

Picture it: you and your buddies are enjoying a fun-filled day of tailgating at the KU game. You dip your hand into the freezing cold cooler to pull out a nice cold one. Suddenly you realize that you didn?€™t stock up on twist cap bottles ?€“ they?€™re pop tops. None of your can-chugging bros have a bottle opener! You grab your iPhone 4 to call for help drop it and it shatters into a million pieces. Now all of this could have been avoided if you had this team-spirited Bottle Opener iPhone 4 cover. See buddy this amazing iPhone cover features a hard shell a soft touch finish a slider design for docking ease and boasts a colorful team logo ?€“ but here?€™s the kicker it has a built-in bottle opener on the back! You own the latest and greatest in cell phone technology so protect it with Jayhawks pride and never go thirsty again!




$ 25.95