Kansas Jayhawks Latch Hook Pillow Kit

The feeling you get after working on something for an extended period of time and then finally seeing it completed is hard to beat. That sense of joy feels just as good as when the Jayhawks win a big game. Now you can combine your passion for Kansas and your love of crafting with this Latch Hook pillow kit. This easy-to-sew kit features two pre-punched felt pieces pre-cut floss and stuffing to make the body of the pillow. To enhance the pillow with team spirit it comes with a piece of printed latch hook mesh featuring the team logo and embroidery floss. A latch hook tool and a plastic safety needle are also included to help you complete this fun project. When finished this pillow will boast a large Jayhawks logo on the front. This pillow kit is a great way to work on a project that not only shows your team pride but can be used for years to come!




$ 24.95